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virtual tour to El Cuyo & Casa Iguana

Below you will find an easy access for you to have a better idea of this beautiful spot in earth named El Cuyo.

Enjoy and have fun!

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Front entrance to “Casa Iguana” at El Cuyo


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Paradise away from the Crowd

El Cuyo, beautiful small town in the Caribbean sea in the golf of Mexico where many families enjoy the shiny sunny days in the beautiful emerald sea in paradise.  A place where you and your family will have the experience of freedom, feeling the warm wind and the beautiful nights with full of starts all over you.  The mexican people receive the visitors with a warm welcome and a warm smile, willing to help you in anything you may need.

Juan Tello, owner of the house, will provide you with special service at your stay and guide you to visit the closest Mayan pyramids within an hour distance from el cuyo.  Activities as bird yachting, kayaks, bicycling, golf cars, and more are some of the fun things you have access to.

Cancun international airport located at 2 hours away from el cuyo, has safe roads to enjoy the surroundings while you side seeing the area before you get at your destiny. You do feel like you are home away from home.  Mexico wait for you!  WELCOME!

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Casa Iguana

“Casa Iguana”  is a comfortable villa for you to enjoy the nature environment of El Cuyo.  With special little details from the owner to make your stay pleasant and accessible to enjoy it with the utensils you will usually have at your own home.  You will find a king size bed ready for you to rest or a two single bed room, after exploring the beautiful surrounding areas.  A well equipped kitchen, a nice view to the ocean and the cleanliness and kindness of the native staff who will be ready to pamper you during your stay.